Are your residential or commercial thermal pane windows fogging up? We have your solution: restore your window by having the fog removed from between the panes using the unique T.S.B. technology.

Did you know? A thermal pane window comprises a dry air space, which gives it its thermal insulation value. Don’t wait! The humid air must be replaced with dry air as soon as possible. It is very simple! Call Thermos Sans Buée, tel.: 514-809-6991 or E-mail your request at: thermos-sans-buee@videotron.ca 

Fog in windows is a very common problem, not only in residential settings but also in commercial buildings.


For residential and commercial buildings

Treatment, replacement, mechanism repair, caulking, sun protection and cleaning.

WHY CHOOSE Thermos Sans Buée Inc?

It is important to know that T.S.B. was the first authorized agent to certify a number of experienced technicians to serve our clients in Quebec. We are starting our 10th season and have over 19 500 windows restored until now.

T.S.B. is always concern to offer the best quality of service to his clientele. So, we decide to use the know-how of an experienced chemist to develop new cleaning armless products based upon different type of windows that are on the market today.

T.S.B. has invested important sums into the R&D to improve the quality of a new vent and equipment. We are presently using a transparent and smaller vent which is fixed over the hole with UV glue. These new vents allow us to improve the efficiency of the drying process.

T.S.B. is a rare defogging company to be recognized to restore windows in the commercial market.

Most thermal pane windows are manufactured with an aluminum, metal or PVC spacer. Inside this spacer’s cavity, manufacturers insert small pieces of silica to attract the humidity between the two panes. When the silica becomes saturated, fog starts to appear between the panes of your thermal insulation window. 

Silica is a porous stone that breaks down into a white powder, which becomes trapped inside with the condensation. The sun heats up the window and cooks the silica in the moisture, causing stains, mostly at the bottom of the window. 

If you wait too long before restoring your windows, you risk getting whitish stains that cannot be removed, even with cleaning.

Thermos Sans Buée was the first authorized agent to certify a number of experienced technicians to serve our clients in Quebec. Furthermore, our vast experience has allowed us to develop a comprehensive network of related specialized services in window maintenance.

Thermos Sans Buée Inc. provides thermal pane window restoration, thermal pane window repair and thermal pane window maintenance services in the Montréal, Laval and Montréal North Shore areas. Thermos sans Buée Inc. covers the following sectors, among others: Thermal pane window repair—Montréal, thermal pane window repair—Laval, thermal pane window repair—St.-Eustache, thermal pane window repair—Deux-Montagnes, thermal pane window repair—Pointe Calumet, thermal  pane window repair—Ste.-Marthe-sur-le-Lac, thermal  pane window repair—Île-Bizard, thermal pane window repair—Laval-sur-le-Lac, thermal pane window repair—Boisbriand, thermal pane window repair—Lorraine, thermal pane window repair—Ste.-Thérèse, thermal pane window repair—Mirabel, thermal pane window repair—Rosemère, thermal pane window repair—Bois-des-Filion, thermal  pane window repair—St.-Jérôme, thermal pane window repair—St.-Sauveur, thermal pane window repair—Laurentides, thermal pane window repair—Terrebonne, thermal pane window repair—Repentigny, thermal pane window repair—Mascouche, thermal pane window repair—Pierrefonds, thermal  pane window repair—Roxboro, thermal  pane window repair—DDO,  thermal pane window repair—Dollard-des-Ormeaux, thermal pane window repair—Kirkland, thermal pane window repair—Dorval, thermal pane window repair—Beaconsfield.

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